Alexander Sorsher was born into a Jewish family in Russia in 1950. He has a Masters Degree in Architecture and has been working in the field for the past 30 years.

Ceramics and painting have always been his passion and he dedicates most of his spare time to these activities.

In 1990 Alexander and his family have moved to Israel where they reside today.

Alexander's work is a remarkable mixture of the Russian and the Jewish cultures combined into unique pieces of art. Urban scenes or nature paintings, mezuzas or ceramic creations - each individual piece contains a part of his soul and heritage.

Today, many of Alexander's paintings and ceramic pieces are displayed in homes around the world, including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and more.

With a wide variety of paintings and ceramics we are confident that you will love Alexander's work and find more than one piece you will absolutely fall in love with.

©2008, Alexander Sorsher